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Function    Trainer, Poomsae competition trainer and black belt preparation
Name    Franklin Mac Gillavry
Degree    6th Dan
License    NOC-NSF-3, Poomsae Referee A-2

Besides giving regular trainings, preparing candidates for Dan exams, he guides the Poomsae (top) athletes of Gyeong-Rye and coordinates participation in (inter)national tournaments.

He supports the members of the National team who are member of Gyeong-rye. He is a member of the National Federation’s teachers corps that instructs the Dutch trainers in the context of lifelong learning.

Ed Boers

Trainer 7e Dan

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Franklin Mac Gillavry

(Style) Trainer 6e Dan


Rob Hansum

Trainer 5e Dan


Dennis Mooldijk

Trainer 5e Dan


Niels Oskam

Trainer 4e Dan


Ferdi Mac Gillavry

Headtrainer 4e Dan


Marc Lelieveld

Trainer 1e Dan