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Function    Head teacher        
Name        Ed Boers
Email        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Degree     7th Dan
Licence     NOC-NSF-3

Ed is member of the Technical Committee of the National Taekwondo Federation (TBN). The responsibility of these 5 members is:

•Defining technical guidelines and technical changes for all aspects of Taekwondo in the Netherlands;
•Establish the requirements for the national dan exams as well as the exam policy;
•Managing the national dan exams and teaching the examiners;
•Policy and implementation of training of the accredited trainers;
 Granting dispensations for national dan exams, etc.
 Because of this our school is well aware of the requirements and their interpretation.


Ed Boers

Trainer 7e Dan

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Franklin Mac Gillavry

(Style) Trainer 6e Dan


Rob Hansum

Trainer 5e Dan


Dennis Mooldijk

Trainer 5e Dan


Niels Oskam

Trainer 4e Dan


Ferdi Mac Gillavry

Headtrainer 4e Dan


Marc Lelieveld

Trainer 1e Dan