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Rules of conduct for member

1   The use or possession of drugs or stimulants in and around the sports area is strictly prohibited.
2   There is respect for the other members and teachers.
3   Everyone carries adequate protection materials during training to prevent injuries.
4   Wearing rings, watches, earrings, piercings or other jewelry is not permitted during training.
5   Discrimination, name calling, berating, harassment, bullying, or hurting anyone else will not be accepted and may give rise to sanctions.
6   Abuse of the sport is not allowed. The board will take measures if necessary, such as ending membership, notification to the TBN or report the event to the police.
7   During the training mobile phones should be off.
8   It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the building.
9   At least 5 to 10 minutes before the training, members should be present.
10 We are mindful of each other's stuff and the school’s  property / gym / association.
11 Wearing a white clean ironed dobok is required during training.
12 You have a good physical hygiene such as short and clean nails, breath, etc.
13 The use of poorly maintained and / or unsafe materials and resources is prohibited; This applies both to the materials and resources of the organization as that
    of the athlete.

14 Chewing gum is prohibited during training. The building is non-smoking. The gym is not entered with street shoes.
15 Teachers and individuals who provide training are authorized to bundle out or deny access any person (including visitors) who do not behave as expected or
    disturbs the training  in any way.

16 The member shall at all times be obliged to disclose (including acute) health problems.
17 Members are not allowed to enter any other rooms or areas except for the staircases, changing rooms and the gym. In case of entering other areas the costs that
    the school has to pay for the alarm and security actions will be paid by the trespasser.
Each member must refrain from sexual harassment and cross-border behavior in any form whatsoever, both towards fellow members and volunteers


Rules of conduct for the trainer

    The trainer:
1   Shows respect for the members, parents / guardians and teachers.
2   Brings members passion for this sport.
3   Is responsible for the training equipment.
4   Is responsible for cleaning the gym after training.
5   Uses the merits of martial arts as a means to stimulate general values for life.
6   Creates a setting of assurance and safety.
7   Sees to it that doping and stimulants are not used.
8   Treats each member the same, regardless of origin or level and pays attention to fair play.
9   Does not use alcohol / tobacco during training of its members.
10 See to it that mobile phones are not used during classes.
11 Ensures that everyone does what he has to do.
2 The volunteer plays an exemplary role within the organization and its refrain from sexual harassment and cross-border behavior in any form whatsoever.

Conduct for parents / attendant of the member

  The parent / attendant:
1 Is a good supporter and respects everyone.
2 Does not interfere or influence the teaching by trainers and supervisors.
3 Ensures the member will be in time in the gym, dressed in the proper work-out.
4 Notifies the teacher in advance if the member is not able to attend the lesson.
5 Addresses the member after training in case of any wrongdoing.