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The school was founded by Bert Elia, a first generation Taekwondoka.
He started to teach small group of students.
After quite some successfull years, Jan Vierhout inhereted the school and continued teaching.  
Jan Vierhout (1stDan) got in toch with TKD by his brother-in-law, grand master Park Yong Soo (9th dan).
Wil Wagner, a judoka asked grand master Park Yong Soo to come over the Netherlands.
Park was the second grand master who was sent to the Netherlands to promote a new sport: Taekwondo.
The first grand master was Kwon Moo Gun.
He had to leave the Netherlands because of health problems.
Park was born in Chung-Nam, Korea, in 1941, during the period of the Japanese occupation.
He trained in taekwondo under Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwondo.
In 1965, he was invited to be the coach of the German Taekwon-Do Association, and moved from South Korea to West Germany.
Park was ranked 5th dan that year.
The following year, he moved to the Netherlands and founded the Netherlands Taekwon-Do Association.  
Park visited in the 1960’s a television program in the Netherlands (Mies Bouwman).
He jumped over a line of 9 men who were bending over and broke a board.
He also was able to break or split natural river stones with his bare hands.
He was an amazing skillful Taekwondoka, one you cannot find anymore.
Above all he was a friendly and nice human being.
In 1968 he moved to Canada, where he still lives.

In the beginning our school was member of the I.T.F (International Taekwondo Federation) and practiced the semi-contact  sparring.
It was only allowed to touch the opponent.
The forms that were practiced were the Hyongs, a series of kicks, blocks strikes and punches.
The name of the school was the Keerpunt (=turning point).
Alfons Joemratie (2e Dan) also started to train in the school of Bert Elia and suceeded in getting his degrees and licences.
After some years, Jan and Alfons changed the name of the school in Gyeong-rye and decided to teach together.
After taekwondo got its Olympic status, we joined the W.T.F (World Taekwondo Federation).
The W.T.F. was recognized by the I.O.C.(International Olympic Committee).
The T.B.N (Taekwondo Bond Nederland) (=national federation)  
Gyeong-Rye is a member of the T.B.N.
The WTF-style is one of full contact sparring, but with full protection.
The forms of the WTF are the Taegeuk for colored belts and Poomsae for black belts.
Ed Boers (7e Dan) is the head teacher of Gyeong-Rye.
He is also member of the Technical Commission of the National Federation.
This commission is in charge of all Taekwondo aspects, it organizes the national black belt exams up to 7th dan.
It is also responsible for updating the Dutch teachers.
For this reason our school is very updated as it comes to technical changes or requirements.

Franklin Mac Gillavry (6e Dan) is a specialist focused on coaching the Poomsae-national team members of our school.
He also prepares candidates for the national black belt exams up to 6th Dan.