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General expressions
Taekwondo  the “way” of kicking and fist (Tae = kicking, Kwon = fist, Do = way/phylosophy) 
Dobok  Taekwondo-uniform 
Dojang  Gym
Geup  Name of the first 10 degrees (colored belts)  
Dan  Name of the black belt degrees (1 till 10) 
Charyot  Command for ‘pay attention’ (Moa Seogi) 
Gyeong-Rye  Command for greating 
Junbi  Command for standing ready 
Geuman  Command for stopping
Shijak  Command start  
Tiro-Tora  Command for turning around 
Kiap  Yell 
Poomse  Form (pattern of techniques)
Saju  Form of techniques (cross shaped) 
Gye-Sog  Commando  ‘continue’ (sparring) 
Gallyeo  Command for break/interruption
Hogo  Body protector
Hong  Red (fighter with red body protector) 
Chong  Blue (fighter with blue body protector) 
Seung  Winner 
Gyeong-go Hana  Official warning ( ½ point off)
Gam-jeon Hana  Offial penalty (1 point off) 
ilbo Taeryon  1-step sparring 
Ibo Taeryon  2-step sparring 
Sambo Taeryon  3-step sparring 
Chokki Taeryon  Non-contact sparring with leg techniques only 
Ban-Chayu Taeryon  Semi free sparring, also (incorrectly) called ‘Banyaju’
Chayu Taeryon  Free sparring
Gye Pa  Breaking techniques
Hosinsul  Self-defense